When vessels call at ports they are required to submit vessel and cargo declarations to port authorities. Since these documents share a large number of common data elements, Portrade's E-Port's application has identified the electronic systems and processes that satisfied both harmonised vessel and cargo data requirements. E-port have capitalizes opportunities to re-engineer and streamline business processes in conjunction with the implementation of a web-based application, conveniently accessible through the Internet. With the access to a centralized electronic centre for the maritime industry, the port communities can be integrated to embrace a cross-section of other service oriented businesses such as banking, insurance, shipping, hauliers etc.


  • Quicker processing of cargo information by ports resulting in quicker vessel turn-around, reduction of paper-work and clearance, thus making ports more efficient
  • Streamlining processes by introducing e-documents which create a paper-less environment
  • Cost savings gained through the reduction of errors, timeliness of reports and port staff can be redirected to other services that increase value
  • For shipping companies, consistency of approach with ports and other agencies will result in improved vessel movements and more competitive freight rates
  • Ports, importers and exporters will accrue benefits through greater presentment and e-bill clearance

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